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Atticus & I is a book project specialising in Dharmic literature for children (and now, adults), personally and carefully curated by a happy Amma, #storytellingamma, and lovingly inspired by her late father, and little baby boy. Atticus & I humbly sets out to offer you a melange of children's books that bring to life the rich and invaluable wisdom and profundity that is Sanatana Dharma, in hopes that it may pique the interest of young readers in its abundantly awesome characters, deities, stories, and principles. To facilitate this, we also conduct storytelling sessions employing books from our collection, under our Atticus Reads banner. If the passion for reading, and love for Sanatana Dharma of but one wee little reader are ignited by virtue of this project, in our books, we would have achieved much. May you be enthralled and inspired by these stories, as much as we are. 

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." - Emilie Buchwald

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