Part 1:

The first book in a series on Hanuman,

The god that Amma likes best.

The trouble he got into as a baby, 

Trying to gobble up the sun for breakfast.


Born in the being of the Wing god,

Blessed with mighty Shiva's divinity,

The story of the hard lesson that he learned:

That great power comes with great responsibility. 


Part 2:

In this new and epic story,

Hanuman leaps across a mighty ocean,

With his forgotten powers regained,

And with his strength, wit and devotion. 


The story of how he charmed a mountain, 

Defeated a dragon and crushed a snake,

How he fought the powerful guard of Lanka,

On his great mission for Rama's sake! 


Part 3:

Here's the story of how Hanuman reached

A golden city in search of Sita, lady of his liege.

How he faced off with the mighty Ravana

And held his capital Lanka to a fiery siege.


See how he uprooted an entire hill;

Flew like the wind to save Lakshmana from death;

How Rama's loyal devotee showed us -

What lies in his heart, the reason for his breath. 



Amma, Tell Me About Hanuman Trilogy

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    Reading level: 4 - 8 years

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