Part 1:

The festival of Janmashtami- 

Celebrates the birth of Krishna,

An avatar of Lord Vishnu,

Born to rid the world of evil Kansa.


The story of his magical escape from prison,

Across the flooded river Yamuna.

Helped by a snake called Shesh Naag,

His arrival at the home of Nand and Yashoda! 


Part 2:

When Kansa learnt of Krishna's escape, 

His rage knew no bound. 

He summoned all his demons

And ordered, "I want that boy found!"


This is the story of how one by one, 

Krishna bravely fought them all - 

How Putana, Trinavarta, Vatasura and Bakasura

All met their fall! 


Part 3:

Another story of Krishna's adventures,

Fighting Kaliya, a demon in snake form,

And lifting a mountain on just one finger,

As a shield from an angry god's thunderstorm. 


And finally, the story of how evil Kansa

Tried to kill Krishna, with methods so grim.

But be they an elephant or ace wrestlers,

No one succeeded in harming him! 

Amma, Tell Me About Krishna - Trilogy

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    Reading level: 4 - 8 years

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