The Stories of Shri Krishna for Children

Fully illustrated in black and white, this book about Shri Krishna is as entertaining as it is educative and as inspiring as it is incisive.


While Shri Krishna is strict and stern with the offenders, He is incredibly kind and full of grace to the deserving innocents. That He rushes to help Sudama in distress, and also protects the modesty of Draupadi when she is forcibly disrobed, are the fine and typical examples that despite being a supreme God He is at the beck and call of the sincere devotee - all these told in simple, lucid language.


The readers will undoubtedly feel transported to the realm of Brindavan and savour the delights of watching the pranks of the divine child - both as a bundle of joy and as a youth.


The Life & Times of Gautama Buddha

Fully illustrated in black and white, this book on the story of Buddha is about a prince, called Siddhartha. Being of royal descent, his earlier life was always a bed of roses. But, upon glimpsing the other side of life full of suffering, poverty, sickness, old age and fear of death, a sea of change takes place in him. He gives up all his wealth, pleasures, near and dear ones, and goes in pursuit of the real meaning of life!


Buddha, or the enlightened one, paves the way for a peaceful, simple and trouble-free life for mankind through his preaching.

The Avatar Bundle: Krishna & Buddha

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    Reading level: 10+ years


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