When 11-year-old Dev's father dies, he can't stop lashing out at those he loves. Until he meets Sanjay - a sprite-like being who claims the incredible: that there is a battle raging inside Dev's own body. 


Sanjay embarks on a perilous journey beginning in the darkest realm at the bottom of Dev's spine. As he searches for the noble warrior Arjun - the only hope to defeat wicked Prince Ego - Sanjay encounters starving mobs, thieving gangs, water worlds and lands of fire, until at last he finds Arjun on the battlefield, ready to fight for Dev. 


But then, Arjun hesitates....


In a transformative reimagining of this classic moment from the Gita, the battle between good and evil becomes a modern and crucial fight for Dev's happiness, and his soul. 

Gita: The Battle of the Worlds

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    Reading level: 9+; Adults

    Paperback: 104 pages

    ISBN-13: 978-9352774678

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