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Can a 40-verse hymn provide the solution to all your problems in this lifetime...and beyond?


Why do millions of devotees recite this hymn whenever they are fearful of the unknown? 


Hanuman Chalisa, a devotional hymn in praise of the Vanar or Monkey God Hanuman, may appear to be a mere chant which someone can recite in about two minutes. Each verse, however, conveys a much deeper message, which is described in this book: verse by verse. 


Consider this anecdote: 

Lord Rama sent Hanuman to the netherworld (Pataal-Lok) to fetch his ring that he claimed had fallen down. As Hanuman reached there and was searching for the ring, he requested the king of the netherworld, the serpent Vasuki, to help him. Vasuki led him to a massive mountain of identical rings. 


A surprised Hanuman requested Vasuki to help him find the actual ring. Vasuki told him about the circle of life wherein all the four yugas or eras (satya-yuga, treta-yuga, dwapara-yuga and kali-yuga) repeat in a periodic manner. Every treta-yuga in the past had a Lord Rama and Hanuman, and in future would also have the same. The mountain of rings is actually infinite for there is no beginning or end to this circle of life. 


Hanuman finally understood the purpose of his visit and returned to Ayodhya, expecting not to find Lord Rama there but assured that Lord Rama would be born again in future, in the next treta-yuga. 


Similar to the above mentioned story and the message, many other hidden pearls of wisdom and knowledge conveyed in Hanuman Chalisa are lucidly explained in this book. 

Hanuman Chalisa: Verse by Verse Description

  • Product details:

    Reading level: Young adults, Adults

    Paperback: 125 pages

    ISBN-10: 1642496103

    ISBN-13: 978-1642496109

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