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The knowledge of our civilisation comes to us in the form of stories; stories from the Puranas, from Ramayana, folktales and many other sources. These stories regale, teach, leave us mesmerised, and, ultimately, teach us to take life as it is. They tell us that we are responsible for what we do or do not do.


In these handpicked stories from various Puranas, folktales and other renditions, author Kanupriya Ajitsaria, traverses a vast span across the four yugas, through various lands and the protagonists belonging to various age groups.


If they speak of the Godly incarnations, they also tell the lineage of the most famous Raakshasa, Raavan. These stories tell you how even the greatest saints, like Vasishtha, had to learn and practice restraint the hard way. Simple yet profound, they show that we, as humans, are immensely powerful and capable of defining our destiny. And we have to embrace the bad along with the good.


These stories are bound to thrill the novice and the learned alike. For the novice, they'll open the door to vast treasures of Indian history and culture, and for the learned, they'll provide some fresh perspectives.

Hidden Treasures of India: Folktales and Stories from Puranas

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  • Product details:

    Reading level: Young Adults onwards

    Paperback: 175 pages

    ISBN-13: 978-1942426646

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