A compelling view of Hinduism's intricate links with the environment.


In Hinduism and Nature, historian and environmentalist Nanditha Krishna delves into India's rich natural landscape, which is suffused with mythical stories and religious significance. The reverential tales she narrates from both the classical and the tribal traditions reveal a mesmerising world of forests and trees, rivers and lakes, animals and mountains. 


The basis of Hinduism is dharma, or righteousness, incorporating duty, cosmic law and justice. The Vedas, the Upanishads, the smritis and the great epics show a clear appreciation of the natural world, its ecology and the need for managing natural resources. In this fascinating book, Nanditha Krishna provides deep insights into the protection Hinduism offers to the environment, and convincingly argues that we can save the environment today only by turning to ancient wisdom. 

Hinduism and Nature

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