Adishakti, the greatest mother goddess of Indian folklore, and Shiva, Lord of All Gods, are an eternally married couple. Husband and wife in Heaven, whenever Shiva and Adishakti decide to come to Earth in human form, they find each other and marry again. But when Adishakti chooses to be born on Earth as the mountain princess Parvati, she has a very hard time getting Shiva to notice her, let alone marry her. 


Shiva has come to Earth as a wandering yogi. He spend all his time meditating on a remote mountainside in the HImalayas and has no interest in marriage. Parvati washes his feet, wipes his brow, and lays sixteen offerings before him every day for days on end, but he won't even look at her. Sage Narada tells Parvati that she should repeat Shiva's name - Om Namah Shivaya - over and over again as a mantra. So in the heat of the sun, in the driving rain, and in snow up to her neck Parvati sits and repeats her beloved's name until the focused power of her heart and mind get Shiva's attention and persuade him to ask for her hand in marriage. 


Parvati's timeless story teaches us that with enough love and perseverance even the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Accompanied by rich, colour illustrations executed in the traditional Indian wash technique, How Parvati Won the Heart of Shiva will transport readers to a magical world filled with ancient wisdom. 

How Parvati Won the Heart of Shiva

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