Born out of wedlock to Kunti and Surya, the sun god, Karna is abandoned by his mother at birth. He deserves the fate of princes, but is adopted by a lowly charioteer and becomes one himself. 


Uruvi, a Kshatriya princess, chooses him over Arjun at her swayamvar, and theirs is a marriage of great social contrast. Uruvi must bring to bear all her love for Karna, and her formidable intelligence, to be accepted by his family. She eventually becomes Karna's mainstay, counselling and guiding him. However, his blind allegiance to Duryodhana, the eventual cause of his downfall, is beyond her power to change. 


Karna's Wife, told from Uruvi's point of view, unfolds against the backdrop of the epic struggle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Lyrical and inventive, it is a moving story of love against all odds. 

Karna's Wife: The Outcasts Queen

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    Reading level: Adult

    Paperback: 318 pages

    ISBN-13: 978-8129120854

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