Moody Mohini belongs to a legendary family of storytellers. Telling tall tales is supposed to be in her genes. Except, she doesn't think so - even though her family (as well as just about everyone in Mithika) expects her to be the torchbearer of this rather marvellous tradition. 


So, cracking under the pressure of a plot line one day, she runs far away from home, only to be held hostage by a spunky spirit, who traps her in a strange spell and whisks her off on a whirlwind tour of India and its many storytelling traditions. How else can Mohini break the charm (you guessed it!) but by telling a story herself! 


Join Mohini as she receives a unique education about the untold ways in which the people of the country weave tales, using everything from the stick figures and spectacular sculptures to shadow puppets and flamboyant dance dramas, while discovering the profound powers of that special skill - storytelling. 

Lore of the Land: Storytelling Traditions of India

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    Reading level: 9+ years; Adults

    Paperback: 224 pages

    ISBN-10: 014342923X

    ISBN-13: 978-0143429234

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