The Mahabharata, the Great Epic of the Bharata Dynasty, is a great ancient Indian epic composed by a great sage, Vyasa. It is the tale of great warriors, princes, princesses, kings and queens of the Bharata dynasty. The main story of the epic revolves around the Pandavas and Kauravas who were cousins. 


Mahabharata for Children, is an unrivalled collection of exciting stories from the Mahabharata. Every story is related in a very appealing and lucid manner, for ease of understanding, and are accompanied by vibrant, attractive illustrations, making this book a definite must-read for kids aged 7 and above, and adults, too! 

Mahabharata for Children: Collector's Edition

  • Product details:

    Reading level: 7+ years

    Hardcover: 192 pages

    ISBN-10: 8131937011

    ISBN-13: 978-8131937013

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