He is the foremost of all yogis, the barefoot god with matted locks and animal-skin robes. He is the one who manifests energy and is limitless. He is known to be gentle, benevolent and almost indulgent towards his devotees, and ruthless towards those who disturb the balance of the world with their sinful ways. He is Shiva, also called Mahadeva.


Among the Trimurti or the Hindu Trinity, Shiva is known as the Destroyer. Yet, when evil prevails, he is the one that even the gods call upon for help. "Mahadeva" retells stories from the Shiva Purana as told by the great sage Ramaharshana to the sages of Naimishavana. 


Amar Chitra Katha follows the lore of the great lord, from the very beginning when Shiva appears to Brahma and Vishnu as a pillar of fire, to his wedding with Shakti and the birth of Kartikeya and Ganesha. It tells the stories behind each of the 12 Jyotirlingas and of the innumerable times that Shiva has freed the world from the oppression and immorality of those who have forgotten the path of dharma. 

Mahadeva: Stories from the Shiva Purana

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    Reading level: 7+ years, adults

    Paperback: 200 pages

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