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Raise stress-free kids with this illustrated step-by-step yoga book.


It's fun yoga time with Om the Yoga Dog, Prana the Frog and Moksha the Elephant! Learn and master essential asanas like Roaring Lion and Tummy Sandwich, pranayama techniques like Anulom Vilom and meditation exercises like Yoga Nidra. 


Packed with easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step illustrations, this calming book helps your child develope flexibility, strength, inner peace and mindfulness. Choose from carefully curated, 20-, 40-, and 60-minute classes to enrich your young one's yoga journey. 


Written by Ira Trivedi, a well-renowned yoga acharya, Om the Yoga Dog helps your child (and you) explore the ultimate benefits of the discipline. 

Om the Yoga Dog

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RM33.60Sale Price
  • Product details:

    Reading level: 5+ years, Adults

    Paperback: 77 pages

    ISBN-10: 0143448293

    ISBN-13: 978-0143448297

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