Plants personify the divine. [The Rig Veda, X.97]


Trees and plants have long been held sacred to communities the world over. In India, they feature in our myths, epics, rituals, worship, and daily life. There is the pipal, under which the Buddhe meditated; the banyan, in whose branches hide spirits; the ashoka, in a grove of which Sita sheltered; and the tulsi, without which no Hindu house is considered complete. Before temples were constructed, trees were open-air shrines and many were symbolic of the Buddha himself. 


Sacred Plants of India lays out the sociacultural roots of the plants found in the Indian subcontinent, while asserting their ecological importance. Informative, thought-provoking, and meticulously researched, this book draws on mythology, botany, and the ancient religious traditions of India to assemble a fascinating account of India's flora. 

Sacred Plants of India

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