"The path of meditation and spirituality is not a withdrawal from the world based on frustration or fear, but a skillful process of learning to be in the world and yet not of the world. You can live in the world and yet be spiritual. It is not necessary for you to renounce the world.


The outside world can soothe and simulate your mind and senses, but peace, wisdom, and knowledge come from within."


Everyone is eager to know more about the path of spirituality. This compact collection of Swami Rama's teachings is an invaluable source of advice and practical knowledge for the serious seeker. You need never feel alone in your efforts for self-transformation. Swamiji's loving kindness and gentle guidance are ever present in his poetic words, to inspire you and give you comfort and reassurance along the path. 

Sadhana: The Essence of Spiritual Life

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    Reading level: Adult

    Paperback: 152 pages

    ISBN-10: 8176212601

    ISBN-13: 978-8176212601

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