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With bags packed and nowhere to go, Tara's plans are crushed by the COVID panemic. Waiting it out at home and watching tragic deaths around her, makes her furious and helpless at the same time. An animated conversation with her grandfather about the impending vaccination, adds fuel to the fire! India enabled vaccination, Nana claims. What an absurd thing to say! More than seven decades after independence there is hardly any infrastructure in place to respond to this pandemic. It is impossible that a dilapidated system like this can make such a tall claim. Tara sets out to prove Nana wrong. What she discovers in the process boggles her mind and shatters her world view. This is a journey every Indian must take with Tara, because in many ways, this is the story of all of us. 

Shitala: How India Enabled Vaccination

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  • Product details:

    Reading level: Adults

    Paperback: 97 pages

    ISBN-13: 978-0645103403

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