A hundred years ago, Einstein proposed heretically that space and time are malleable. The Puranas were labeled mythology by the British two hundred years ago for speaking of those concepts. When we revisit the Puranas in light of Einstein's propositions, we find that they stated the age of the Universe within 0.1% of the latest scientific estimates. 


"The authors bury skeptics under an avalanche of well-researched facts. A real tour-de-force of scientific expertise." [Prof.K. Pahan, Rush University]


"...dexterously sewn together state-of-the-art discoveries in five fields: cosmology, astrophysics, geology, paleontology, and embryology..." [Prof. S. Ghosh, Columbia University]


"...Puranas provide both a microscopic and telescopic view of the physical world from which modern science can learn and benefit..." [Prof. R. Buyya, University of Melbourne]


The Big Bang & the Sages: Modern Science Catches Up with the Ancient Puranas

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