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Two thousand years ago, the poet-sage Valmiki wrote the Ramayana. It is the tale of Ram, the sun-prince of Ayodhya, who is obliged to follow family rules and so makes no choices. And of Ravana, king of Lanka, who does not respect anybody's rules or other people's choices. 


Over the centuries, hundreds have retold the tale, in different languages, adding new twists and turns. But few have noticed that the tale always depends on the five choices made by Sita. 


What were Sita's five choices? 


India's favourite mythologist brings to you this charmingly illustrated retelling of the Ramayana that is sure to empower and entertain a new generation of readers. 

The Girl Who Chose

RM38.00 Regular Price
RM10.00Sale Price
  • Product details:

    Reading level: 8+ years

    Paperback: 112 pages

    ISBN-10: 0143334638

    ISBN-13: 978-0143334637

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