The Hindu civilisation broke new conceptual ground with its sustained spirit of enquiry, the conscious absence of dogmatism, the sanction to uninhibitedly question, dissent and interrogate, the freedom for the fullest expression of diversity within the framework of a unitary vision, the harmonious interface between the secular and the spiritual, the absence of a fale binary of the sacred and the profane, and the remarkable - even surprising - ability to reinvent itself. A three-step process may be said to define its working - first, the elaboration of  concept; then, the expression of that concept in profoundly diverse ways; and lastly, over millennia, the permeation of both concept and expression to every level of society. This civilisation must therefore be seen as the triumph of irrepressible ideation. In fact, because its origins lay in the self-conscious realm of cognition, it was incapable of destruction. That is why it became - and is - sanatan, or eternal and imperishable.

The Great Hindu Civilisation

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