Long, long ago, the world was overrun by terrible demons. Even the earth goddess, Bhumi, was unable to protect the land. She appealed to Vishnu, God of Preservation, who agreed to be born on Earth as Krishna to save the world from destruction. Krishna is part superhero, part mischievous boy, and tales of his exploits - from childish pranks to death-defying demon slayings to his enchantment of the milkmaids - have delighted Indian children for centuries. 


Like every child, Krishna tries to be good, but his irresponsible high spirits lead him into any number of mischievous escapades. In the end, though, all of his adventures lead to a happy conclusion. His mother, Yashoda, loves him no matter what he does, reminding us that children who get all the love they need grow up strong and brave and ready to save the world. The glowing illustrations, executed in transparent watercolours and tempera paints, are done in a centuries-old method traditional to India. Richly detailed, they bring to life the colourful cast of characters - humans, gods, and demons alike. 

The Magical Adventures of Krishna

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    Reading level: 8+ years; Adults

    Paperback: 31 pages

    ISBN-13: 978-1620553534