Like any bored eleven-year-old with an imagination, Prem makes fantastic wishes. So when his father drags him to a monsoon-lashed Mumbai, Prem knows its futile to dream of home. Instead, he wishes for a genie, a dragon and some superpowers. What he certainly doesn't wish for is a quest to save gods who are on the brink of extinction. 


He finds that the gods' last hope lies in the hands of those who channel the mysterious powers of the Vedas. Caught in a cosmic crossfire, with a talking fish, some inventive monkeys and a few unexpected allies, Prem learns of his true identity - as a Torchbearer. 


Can the Torchbearers stop bloodthirsty demons from getting their hands on the Nectar of Immortality and bring the gods back to power? 


A fictional story based on very real concepts from Hindu tales. 

The Torchbearers

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    Reading Level: 10+ years, Adults

    Paperback: 305 pages

    ISBN-13: 978-0143448273