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Harish Johari (1934 - 1999), the distinguished North Indian author and Tantric scholar, spent a lifetime studying the Mahabharata and the lessons it contains. Known the world over for its famous chapters on the story of the hero Arjuna and the Bhagavad Gita, this ancient epic is more than just stories. As Johari reveals, the Mahabharata's teaching tales contain insight on justice and injustice, dharma (right action), individual and cosmic consciousness, Indian philosophy, and the four eras of humankind, including our current era, the Kali Yuga. 


Based on numerous talks given by Johari, this book presents the deeper layers of the Mahabharata, revealing its wisdom and teachings in a contemporary and often entertaining way. Examining the lessons of the main characters and how each symbolises an aspect of human consciousness, Johari explores the lives of Bhisma and Arjuna, the events in the Pandava amd Kaurava families leading up their battle at Kurukshetra, lesser-known stories such as the tale of Karna's previous life as a demon, and a modern retelling of the Bhagavad Gita. Johari explains the complex concept of dharma in present-day language, shedding light on events unfolding in our current age of the Kali Yuga, and offers insights on the relaitonship between energy, the elements, and the chakras and on the causes for war in this epic story. 

The Wisdom Teachings of Harish Johari on the Mahabharata

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    Reading level: Adult

    Paperback: 256 pages

    ISBN-10: 1594773793

    ISBN-13: 978-1594773792

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