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[Includes a full-colour foldout game board]

Just as the origins of modern playing cards are rooted in the tarot, the popular children's game of Chutes and Ladders is derived from the ancient Hindu game Leela, or Snakes and Arrows, which charts the ups and downs of the soul's path toward reunion with the Infinite. Snakes and Arrows was designed by the seers and saints of India as a tool for understandng the relationship of the individual self to the Absolute Self. For thousands of years the 72 spaces on this game board haveenabled players to chart the paths that represent the course of their lives. Each space represents a virtue or a vice, as aspect of consciousness, or a plane of reality and is accompanied by a commentary explaining its meaning. The player'sprogress on the board is dictated by the fall of a die corresponding to the forces of karma. Repeated encounters with the snakes and arrows on the board reveal the full meaning of the commentaries and can give shape to habitual patterns of the player, resulting in greater self-understanding and even a gradual detachment from the ego's delusions. 


The Yoga of Snakes and Arrows assists the seeker through the stages and trials of self-development, mirroring both the obstacles of karma and the rewards of self-obtained insight. There is really only one game in life and that is Leela, the game of self-knowledge and the universal play of cosmic energies. 

The Yoga of Snakes and Arrows (The Leela of Self-Knowledge)

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    Reading level: Adults

    Paperback: 140 pages

    ISBN-10: 1594771782

    ISBN-13: 978-1594771781

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