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This Vahana set comprises the following six (6) books: 1. Ganesha and Mooshika the MouseThe fearsome demon Gajamukhasura received a boon from Lord Shiva that no deadly weapon could ever kill him. So he set out to destroy the devatas. Did he succeed in his evil intentions? How did he end up as Mooshika, the vehicle and constant companion of Lord Ganesha?  2. Kartikeya and Paravani the PeacockWhy were the devatas scared? Why did Shiva give his energies to Kartikeya? How did a fearsome demon turn into abeautiful peacock?  3. Shiva and Nandi the BullWho was Shilada? Why was he sad? What blessing did he receive from Lord Shiva? Why did he name his son Nandi? Who was Nandi? Why did Shiva call him back to his abode and make him his constant companion? 4. Vishnu and Sheshnag the SerpentWhy was Sheshnag upset with his mother?  Where did he go to meditate? What did Lord Brahma advise him to do? How does Sheshnag serve mankind, and also Lord Vishnu?  5. Vishnu and Garuda the EagleGaruda the Eagle wanted to free his mother from the bondage of her co-wife and her serpent sons. He agrees to do something which no one had dared to do ever before, that is, to steal the pot of nectar from devalok. Was it an easy task? Did he succeed? Did he not? How did he become the much favoured vehicle of Lord Brahma?  6. Indra and Airavat the ElephantWhy was Airavat feeling guilty? Where did he go and hide? What curse did Durvasa Muni inflict on the Devatas? Was Indra happy to find his favourite elephant?  Spiritual seeker and author, Shubha Vilas has simplified these lesser-known tales in his inimitable style. The easy flowing language and wonderful illustrations add to the charm, making this set a prized possession in your child's personal library.

Vehicles of Gods: Vahana Set (6 books)

  • Product details:

    Reading level: 5+ years

    Paperback: 16 pages/book

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