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Tamil Children's Books

I love the word "serendipity". It has such a magical, positive ring to it.

But I don't quite believe that things happen by chance. Everything happens for a reason, and events unfold as they should.

That's precisely how I feel about the way Vanitha, founder and owner of Vaaranam Children's Books @vaaranambooks, and I connected. Vanitha, desiring very much to share her love and respect for the Tamil language with Tamil kids the world over, and me, sincerely hoping that Atticus & I can provide children with access to suitable Tamil books that will help keep this beautiful, ancient language alive.

So the Universe conspired with us, and today, we are beyond thrilled to announce that the endearing, and beautifully illustrated, high-end Tamil children's books by Vaaranam Children's Books will be making their "debut" as part of the Atticus & I collection of books at the INDIA IN A ROOM 5 event, happening on 23 SEPTEMBER 2018 @ KALAMANDAPAM HALL, BRICKFIELDS!

Please do make your way over to @vaaranambooks and to learn more about these books, and how Vaaranam Children's Books came to be.

We are so humbled that Vanitha has given us this opportunity to support her highly commendable hopes of "Nurturing a love for Tamil".

Please watch this space for our following posts on the Tamil children's books that will be up for sale at our INDIA IN A ROOM 5 event.

Love & Light, Atticus & I

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