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The Story Behind Our India in a Room Poster

Some months before INDIA IN A ROOM 5, our team mate and now increasingly dear friend, Danya Sheelan, founder of Satika @s.a.t.i.k.a, approached a most talented graphic designer, henna artist, and friend of hers, Karthine Maniam, founder and artistic genius behind @tmk_henna, and together, these outstanding ladies conceptualised and brought to life this absolutely stunning and meaningful work of art you see before you - the INDIA IN A ROOM poster.

Every detail you come across in this poster has not been placed there in vain but bears some significance and reference to each of the brands that make up the INDIA IN A ROOM team, along with their respective products. The splash of colours, the facial expressions, the juxtaposition of characters (look! - even our Atticus & I birds have their rightful spots!), all seem to come together so effortlessly to radiate elegance, vibrance, warmth, cheer, unity, beauty, strength, positivity, and finesse - but a few of the many qualities we hope you find are synonymous with the name INDIA IN A ROOM and all the brands that make up its team.

It is our sincere hope that our INDIA IN A ROOM poster brings cheer to your hearts and smiles to your faces, but beyond that, we hope it leads you to our doorstep this SUNDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2018 for our INDIA IN A ROOM exhibition happening @ KALAMANDAPAM HALL, BRICKFIELDS from 10:30A.M. - 5:30P.M.

The INDIA IN A ROOM team comprises the following:

Satika @s.a.t.i.k.a : Handloom sarees

Atticus & I @atticusandi / : Hindu books & storytelling for kids & adults

Ethnic Bazaar

Ryan Raindrops Jewellery @ryan_raindrops_jewellery

Nikaashi Selections @nikaashi_selections :

Ethnic & handmade accessories

As always, we are deeply humbled to bring this to you, and sincerely hope to see you there!

Ella Pugazhum Iraivanukku. All glory be to God.

Love & Light, Atticus & I

PS: Thank you, Karthine @tmk_henna and Danya @s.a.t.i.k.a for this stunning piece of artwork! It will remain forever etched in our hearts! ️

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