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Atticus Reads 2: And It's a Wrap!

A wise man once said, sometimes reality is too complex; stories give it form. Perhaps this is why children, and the child in each of us, gravitate towards wild tales and incredible stories. Such intrinsic power, stories hold. The wildly imaginative author, Sir Terry Pratchett aptly pointed out that stories aren't shaped by people; people are shaped by stories. Atticus Reads was born out of this very belief. All of us at Atticus & I have much to be thankful for. Mostly, it is for the opportunity you have accorded to us to breathe life into Atticus Reads, a means (we humbly hope,) to the end that is the shaping of our children by the rich and invaluable stories found in Hindu literature. For this, we remain unceasingly grateful. This has been an overwhelmingly educational and emotional journey for us, and we hope all that we do resonates with you, too. Atticus Reads 2 with our very own #storytellingamma buzzed with much energy and excitement. We will let the photos spin the tale for you. Ella Pugazhum Iraivanukku. All glory be to God. Love & Light,


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