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Today, We Turn 1! Save the Date!

If someone had told me, years ago, that by 2018 I would no longer be defined by my role as a corporate lawyer, but instead be leading my life predominantly as a stay at home Amma, running a book project built upon a deeply entrenched and personal desire and belief, I would have chuckled. Not because it would have seemed ludicrous to me at the time, but because I would not have thought I had it in me to challenge society's pre-conceived notions of what a successful life/career looks like.

But today, on our 1st year anniversary, as I reflect on this glorious and blessed one year since we launched Atticus & I on 2 July 2017, I simply cannot imagine myself doing anything else, or being anywhere else.

But by no means has it been easy. The greatest hurdle of all, being my own lack of conviction in myself and my swadharma (personal duty). However, the beauty of what I now do is, I am exposed to more wonderful souls, and certainly more scriptural knowledge that have helped me immensely in embracing what I do, and understanding what my swadharma is, without fear of disappointing others who have different expectations of me, or most importantly, without succumbing to my own ego which, let's face it, is the main reason I allowed myself to be rattled by fear to begin with!

An indomitable spirit in the face of challenges isn't magically created - it is honed, and to a large extent, greatly supported by beautiful souls that the Universe places on our paths. I simply cannot look back at the past year of Atticus' journey without simultaneously seeing the lovely people - family, friends, gurus, customers, and my little Atticuses - who have been an integral part of the Atticus journey, and in strengthening my resolve on this path. I remain eternally indebted to all of you, and deeply humbled and awed by the way the Universe works. I lay no claim to where Atticus & I stands today; to action only do I have the right.

Thank you all from the deepest depths of my heart. And to my very own Atticus behind Atticus & I, I love you so much, Pappa.

I shall end this note with something one of my Gurus said to me as I embarked on this journey:

"Just focus on the 'doing' and not the 'having', that is the Yoga of the Gita."

Ella Pugazhum Iraivanukku. All glory be to God.

Harih Aum Tat Sat.

Priya Atticus & I

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