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Melaka Festival 2018

Insanely thrilled to be a part of the Melaka Festival 2018, and pretty darn humbled to be sharing space, and spending time with a host of other small business owners, artisans, lovers of art and culture, and pretty much everyone who loves all things Melaka, basically!

You must know by now that the INDIA IN A ROOM team will be hitting the road for the very first time, so come over from near and far, make a road trip out of it if you can, and join us in the merriment of the Melaka Festival 2018! Tell your family, tell your friends, but why hold back...tell EVERYONE!

When: 1 July 2018, Sunday. 10:00a.m - 5p.m.

Where: Kedai K7 @ 313 Gajah Berang, Melaka

We will be delighted to see you there! ️

Love & Light,

Atticus & I

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